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Thank you for checking out our swim program! Registration will begin March 18th, 2024 at 8am! To those of you who have allowed me the privilege of working with your children and shared my name with others a BIG THANK YOU! We teach Red Cross Water Safety Instruction and all of our lead swim instructors are Red Cross certified. Included below will be what you need to know before your first lesson, address of our home (which is where the classes are taught), registration form link (to print and bring with you the first day), staff bios, and frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions!


All Parents are asked to remain outside the gate, with the exception of Water Babies class, to avoid distracting the children. There will be observation days, usually the last two days of each session.

*Please, as best you can, have your child(ren) use the restroom before they come, however

   we will have our restroom available for use by the families if needed. 

*Please do not bring your child(ren) to class if they are sick.

Proper Attire: bathing suits, girls wear preferably a one piece and long hair pulled back, towels, flip-flops or other foot protection, sunscreen pre-applied depending upon what time of the day classes are being held, goggles for Learn to Swim Level 2 on up, unless medically required.


Location: 3605 Hearst Castle Way  Plano, TX  75025 (please enter through the side or back gates)


Parking: In order for us to follow Plano city ordinance we are asking everyone to be mindful of where you are parking. Please park or drop off in front of our house on Hearst Castle Way in between the small flags, but NOT in front of mailboxes. Please come in the front east gate if parking in the front. If the front area is full do NOT park in front of our neighbors' houses, instead you may park/drop off children in our driveway and come in the rear east gate. Those of you staying for multiple classes please consider parking in our back driveway. If everyone can help then your swim instructors will be able to focus on teaching and keeping everyone safe, and not on parking issues.  Thank you for your cooperation!


     *$110 for the first child/8 day session

     *$105 for additional children w/in the family or consecutive 8 day sessions

     *$65 for 4 day session

     * Private lessons are available at limited times TBA (Call for fees)

To register please call: (972) 208-1591 (If you leave a message on the phone we will get back to you as quickly as possible.) Please call between 8 AM and before 9 PM. Thanks!  We're looking forward to working with your family!  Click link below to open the Registration form. Please print it, fill it out, and bring completed form to class. Swim Lessons Registration Form 2024

***Attention: If classes you are requesting are closed give us a call.  If we get enough students within a particular group we could possibly offer another class!


Please call if your child will be absent. Due to a tight schedule, we will NOT be able to make-up any missed classes.


Jessie Prim

Owner/Swim Instructor

For those of you who are new to Swim with Prim my students usually call me Coach Jessie or Coach Prim. This year I am celebrating my 53rd year as a WSI and WSIT (Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Trainer). Hopefully some of your children, when they are ready (have to be able to swim at  Level 4 and be at least 16 years old), can come and take classes from me to be WSI’s themselves.  I love teaching children how to be safe in and around the water, as well as proper stroke technique. We have five adult children of our own and three growing grandchildren.  All of my children have been trained and some will be working with me this summer (not all at the same time).  We are adding some new WSI's to our staff this summer which we are really excited about.  You will love them! 

Rebekah Prim

Swim Instructor

Daughter of Jessie Prim, I have been learning and teaching alongside my amazing mom for 24 years. I became Red Cross WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Certified in 2011. I am also a trained lifeguard and am CPR/First Aid certified. I absolutely love teaching. Seeing the students progress, have fun, and become water safe gets me excited! I also enjoy helping to train our new assistant swim instructors each summer. When I am not helping at Swim With Prim I teach piano and voice lessons. 

Alec Knutson

Swim Instructor

I have been working in the swim industry for ten years.  Four of those years, I have been the lead instructor for many swim classes in both a private and group setting.  This year, I have taken on the position of assistant coach of the HSAA water polo team.  I love to work with all ages, and find a special joy in seeing youth learn to swim and enjoy the water.

Noelle Copeland

Swim Instructor

I’m currently studying Chemistry at the University of Oklahoma, but when I’m not at school, I get the joy of being a swim coach. This is my fifth year working for Coach Jessie at Swim with Prim and believe me when I say: I can’t wait! My first two summers I spent assisting the current (and amazing Water Safety Instructors) and then I had the opportunity to be trained to become a WSI by Coach Jessie herself. This is my third summer as a certified WSI, and I’m so eager to get back in the water with both returning and new students. The most important thing we teach: safety in and around the water! As well as stroke technique,

but all while having fun. So let’s jump in!

Kyle Farmer

Assistant Swim Instructor

I’ve been working off and on with Swim with Prim since 2012. This is my absolute favorite job I have ever had. Working with children brings out your inner child; it just brings joy to my life.


Call us: (972) 208-1591

3605 Hearst Castle Way

Plano, TX 75025

  • How do I register for classes?
    To register please take a look at our "Class Schedule" and "Class Levels" pages to find classes suitable and then call us at (972) 208-1591 to reserve your class time. Then print out the registration form found above in the "Before Your First Lesson" section, fill it out and bring it to the first day of the sessions registered for.
  • Can I register online?
    No, we work hard to make sure everyone is in the correct levels/classes so we only take registrations over the phone so we can discuss placement.
  • Does registering by phone secure my lesson spot?
    Yes! Once you register by phone and confirm with Coach Jessie or Coach Rebekah you are officially in that class. If you need to cancel or move your child to another session or time we ask that you do so at least one week prior to that session starting to allow people on waitlists a chance to join the class you are changing out of.
  • Can I pay online?
    Currenly we accept cash, check, or Zelle payment which is due on the first day of class. Checks must be made out to "Jessie Prim" and have the student's name in the memo line. For payment thru Zelle please use email:, name: Jessie Prim.
  • Do you have classes during inclement weather?
    We still have classes if it is raining and we hear thunder. However, we will not have classes if we see lightning in our immediate area. If we see lightning during a class we will get out of the water for 20 mins, if we see no more lightning after 20 mins then we will get back in if class time is not already over. Also, if there is hail, tornando sirens, etc we will not have class during the time affected. Feel free to call us to check on weather. If we do not answer that typically means we are in the pool teaching and that it is safe to swim. The safety of you and your children is very important to us.
  • Do you have makeup lessons?
    No, due to scheduling issues, we do not provide makeup lessons. If any lessons are missed because of weather we will work hard to catch up during the following lessons. If your child misses classes because of something other than weather, we are not able to provide makeups. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.
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